TMZ ran into Ronda Rousey recently and uncovered a fact you probably didn't know about the UFC fighter - her great-grandfather was Black.

UFC fighter Holly Holms' might leave room for a Ronda Rousey comeback

UFC fighter Holly Holms' might leave room for a Ronda Rousey comeback

Idris Elba & Robb Stark star in an action-packed trailer for their upcoming movie, "Bastille Day," and more.

After rumors surfaced of Beyoncé‘s involvement in a film about Saartjie Baartman, her rep decided to clear the air. The star’s rep confirmed to Billboard that the Grammy-award winning artist will not be a part of the writing team for the upcoming Saartjie Baartman film. Her rep told the publication, “Beyonce is in no way tied to […]

As Lamar Odom continues his road to recovery, the public has remained intensely curious about his well-being.

This is either the biggest troll, or Amber Rose is finally spreading her lesbian cheer in Hollywood.

The unexpected happened last night at UFC 193! The face of female fighting in the UFC, who has been the most dominant figure met her match in Australia. Many may say she was distracted with so many obligations but that still doesn’t detract from the fact that Holly Holm dismantled the former champ convincingly for […]

Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey aren’t the best of friends. Hell, they aren’t even friends. So when Floyd went on ESPN’s Sportscenter and apologized for…

What do you do when you’re sitting in front of Ronda Rousey, a woman who is equal parts beautiful and intimidating at the same damn…