Spike Lee recently said it's “fishy” that Colin Kaepernick remains an NFL free agent.

Azealia Banks is notorious for her Twitter tirades.

Endorsing Donald Trump for President may have helped Sarah Palin secure a production deal for a new show.

Sarah Palin says her son's recent domestic violence arrest was a result of Obama not doing enough to help veterans when they return home


Martin Bashir, left his MSNBC show after railing against Sarah Palin for her ignorant comment that compared the national debt to slavery. Check out what…

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin seems to have an endless supply of inappropriate and ignorant comments when it comes to politics, and her latest comments…

The Fall Back Award of the Year goes to (drum roll please)…Sarah “Effn” Palin!!! The flawed and not-so bright Palin took to twitter attacking President Obama over his handling of the Libya bombing. She went on Twitter and Facebook using racially insensitive commentary towards the President. “Why the lies? Why the cover up?” Palin wrote […]