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The Fall Back Award of the Year goes to (drum roll please)…Sarah “Effn” Palin!!! The flawed and not-so bright Palin took to twitter attacking President Obama over his handling of the Libya bombing. She went on Twitter and Facebook using racially insensitive commentary towards the President.

“Why the lies? Why the cover up?” Palin wrote on Facebook, adding, “We deserve answers to this. President Obama’s shuck and jive shtick with these Benghazi lies must end.”

Word? Yes, she went there! “Shucking and jiving?” Really Mrs. Palin, really? I could really go into a whole triad on how this election has brought out the worst in folks, as far as race in concerned but that is for another time. In a time where the country needs to band together comments like this only pushes us further apart. Mrs. Palin it’s not 1870 anywhere and we are no longer considered Negroes nor do we shuck and jive especially the leader of the United States. In the future think before you chirp but I forgot for a bird like you that may be to hard!

Go vote folks! November 6th is on the way so let your voice be heard so we can silence the one’s like Sarah Palin.


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