the new edition story

“White is right” and “Black girls are soooo overrated" were a couple of the statements he made.

McClain had some not-so-great things to say about Black women before fame entered the picture.

After many biopics, I think we found one created in our generation that can be inducted into the Biopic Hall of Fame. “The New Edition Story” was carefully crafted and executed with such precision. A movie that made you laugh, cry, cheer, dance and more. Shout out to the cast and producers that brought it […]

After months of teasing and expertly building up anticipation, tonight BET finally airs its 3-part miniseries The New Edition Story. This is a big week for the group who just received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Whether you are old enough to remember all of their legendary moments first-hand or came to […]

The New Edition Story will give fans the ultimate inside scoop.