The "1 Night" artist caught a lot of flack when he admitted he "couldn't name five songs by Tupac or Biggie" in an recent interview.

Using one of Tupac's verses from "F*ck 'Em All," Gucci Mane utilizes Tupac's angst to cosign his own.

Gucci get out of jail and music take off! Check out his new song featuring Tupac “On Me”: Album, Everybody Lookin, plans to be release July 22nd!


And so it begins. It's been two weeks since Prince’s passing, and technology company Hologram USA is already considering a projection in his likeness.

And so it begins. It’s been two weeks since Prince’s passing, and technology company Hologram USA is already considering a hologram in his likeness. “We are mourning the loss of…

The Tupac biopic wrapped a few weeks ago, and one scene reportedly looked so real that fans and reporters thought the rapper was getting shot all over again.

We always knew Pac was ahead of his time, but for him to hit the nail on the head about Donald Trump is crazy. Here is an interview of Tupac back in 1992 talking about greed in America:

Tupac spoke about the kind of man Donald Trump was, twenty years ago.

Tupac is still blessing the world with brand new jewels of art.

Time flies when you're making a film about one of the greatest rappers ever.

Tupac's stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, wrote a letter addressing the recent reports that he was being released early from prison.