The music executive has lost over 90lbs, taking him down a several clothing sizes.

For the special day, Tamar shared a video of her singing Al B. Sure's "Nite & Day" to Vince, while he did a funny grind dance behind her.

After the singer posted an adorable video of her husband and son talking to each other.

On August 22, an alleged violent brawl occurred between Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert. According to reports, Vince even bit Tamar, drawing blood. We were all skeptical about the incident until a 911 call was released, confirming something did happen. Finally, Tamar is breaking her silence in classic Tamar style.  While speaking to […]

Tamar Braxton is not here for the rumors of her marriage going south.


Bossip alleges there was a physical domestic dispute between the couple that resulted in cops being called.

  Why, oh why are folks coming for Tamar Braxton and her edges?? The singer/talk show host was minding her own business on Instagram where…

Singer Tamar Braxton is riding high on her first big wave of success. She just finished her tour with John Legend earlier this week and…

Our favorite Braxton, Tamar, didn’t waste anytime to getting back to work. With just delivering baby Logan 3 weeks ago, Tamar Braxton was spotted hopping on her and Vince’s private jet and going to work. She shared the picture on Instagram captioned with, “Logan is chillin & she’s #back2business #eatit.”   Follow me on Instagram […]