A Baltimore teacher, who is White, said that Wells Fargo rejected her bank card designed with the words "Black Lives Matter" and an image of a raised fist. She added that a customer service rep said the company didn't want to be associated with any "antisocial and offensive" organizations.

Rachel Nash, who is white, created the bank card art as a means of expressing her disgust with the death of Freddie Gray and her endearment for BLM.


There are over 2 million Black-owned businesses in America. Many of these entities serve as the backbone of their neighborhoods by supplying jobs and services to the community. In a new initiative sponsored by Wells Fargo, compassionate small businesses are being celebrated for giving back to their communities. DigiDoc, a Washington, D.C. based company, is being highlighted […]

The Afrikan Black Coalition successfully persuaded the Chief Investment Officer for the Univ. of California to sell their prison stocks.

The Answer #AI3Forever Nearly 4 years after 11-time All-Star guard, Allen Iverson officially retired from the NBA, his Number 3 Jersey for the Philadelphia 76ers has followed in his footsteps! Saturday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, over 20,000 fans were in attendance for the official retirement ceremony for Iverson’s Number 3 jersey. […]