Black Women have an age old argument that black men prefer to date outside of their race as oppose to getting with a sista. So when black celebs like Tyrese, who publicly speaks about black love and black lives, marries a woman who doesn’t look what some would consider black enough, black women waste no […]

Raven is one of few celebs who inspires young girls to be themselves, no matter what.

The women's rights activist passed away on Monday.


Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.


A woman who says she dated Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose for 2 years is now suing him behind accusations that he drugged and gang…

Last night, Jill Scott fans got a very special live session via Yahoo and in typical Jilly from Philly fashion, she was amazing! One of the biggest highlights was her tribute to the memory of Sandra Bland.  Check out her performance below and don’t forget to get her new album “Woman” in stores today! #justiceforSandraBland […]

Rapper T.I. is having an eventful trip in Los Angeles. After getting into a heated standoff with the LAPD at the Supperclub, T.I. was a…

Here’s a word to the wise. Don’t ever get close to Christina Milian without wearing a shirt. Otherwise, you will be popped in your face…

  Imagine being single, unemployed with 2 kids, no babysitter… and you have a job interview to go to.  What would you do?  Shanesha Taylor, a 35 year old woman from Scottsdale, Arizona was in that predicament and the decision she made got her arrested and she is now facing charges of child abuse. ABC15 […]

        From Talk about winning.  Want China Times: A 62-year-old woman in northeast China has had surgery to remove a bullet that had been lodged in her head for 48 years without her knowledge, according to local news website A doctor at the First Hospital of China Medical University, a […]

From How awesome is this? Congrats Sydney Moss!  ESPN reports: Sydney Moss, the daughter of former NFL receiving great Randy Moss, set the NCAA Division III record for single-game scoring with 63 points for Thomas More College on Friday night in a semifinal win in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference tournament. Moss broke Ann Gilbert’s mark […]

  Ask any man you know and they will most likely say the same thing. We love a woman who isn’t afraid to eat. But…