After attending the film’s premiere in Los Angeles, 18-year-old Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi penned an essay about Black Panther for The Hollywood Reporter. The actress continues to be show she’s how wise beyond her years as she shares her thoughts on Marvel’s upcoming film and everything it means to her, being a young black woman. Shahidi writes […]

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This skirt and sneaker combo lends for relaxed style.

Yara Shahidi has got her pick of schools to attend this fall! As college acceptance season begins to wind down, many high school seniors are still waiting to find out which school they got into. The Black-ish star, however, doesn’t have to wonder because she got into all the schools she applied for. Yara, who […]

Beauty, style and smarts all wrapped up in one!

High school graduations are a major moment because they signify the transition into the semi-adult world.

The "black-ish" star plans on double-majoring in African-American studies and sociology.


Former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump are divided over how ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ tackles race in America.

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Celebrities reacted to the decision that's blocking thousands from traveling from seven Muslim-majority countries, specifically two U.S. veterans.