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Although Blue Ivy Carter is Jay-Z’s first daughter we have found out that she is not however his first child!

According to Star Magazine nine years ago Jay-Z knocked up a Trinidadian model named Shenelle Scott who has been reportedly paid $1 million to keep their child on the hush. According to sources Shenelle and her son currently live in Trinidad in a lavish home thanks to Hova.

But Jay-Z however was not accused of being the father right away.  Shenelle Scott’s ex-boyfriend Malik Sayeed was first assumed to be the baby’s father. According to Star,  “Malik threw [Shenelle] a baby shower and bought all this stuff to prepare for the arrival. However, after the baby was born, friends and family told him he needed to get a DNA test. Everyone knew she was sleeping around and sleeping with Jay. There was a good chance it was his.”

Malik continues to say, “Shenelle told me that Jay-Z gave her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. My understanding is that he’s paying her child support. Shenelle took the money and bought herself a really nice house in Trinidad that the whole family lives in now.”

Although Beyonce was furious about the news when she first found out it looks like Jay is still a supportive father.

A source tells Star on behalf of Shenelle saying, “he’s a good father and he has a lot interest in [the boy]. It was a big old mess at one time, but I think once they resolved the issue of fatherhood, of paternity, I think things started to level off.”

hmm…. wonder if Jay-Z will bring his son around now that he has another child.