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The moment people found out Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were fired from their judging duties on the American version of  The X Factor, speculation began about who was going to take their spots. Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland’s names were tossed around. But one name had the internet going nuts. Mariah Carey was said to have been taking a seat at the judging table, however, Nick Cannon believes his wife is too legendary to do such a thing.

Cannon gave a quote to EW, saying:

“Like Nicole Scherzinger, my wife is not a fan of judging people. Nicole actually did say that she is used to performing, and the judging thing is not really natural for her. I really think that a lot of entertainers feel that way and I think these shows are really good shows, but when you get someone of status, or just big-time, career-wise, to do these shows, I personally think it’s a step down.”

“Why would would my wife want to be on a show like that? For somebody who has a legendary career, I don’t know why they would do that.”

Mariah Carey has hit legendary status. She does have more number ones than any artist except The Beatles. On the other hand, Mariah’s last few albums haven’t performed as well as others. So being in everyone’s homes on a constant basis might boost sagging sales. Would you watch The X Factor if Mariah Carey became a judge on the show?



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