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Horoscopes April 27th – May 4th

It’s been all systems go over these past couple of weeks. Things that were put on the back burner have our immediate attention, again. The cosmic ‘hold’ button has been released, and the universe has given us the green light to assertively pursue those projects and tasks that have been difficult to get off the ground. The best part about this surge is that we can really be productive in ways that are practical and highly effective. There’s an earthy and grounded energy about, helping us all to make real strides as we accomplish new goals. Oh, how wonderful it feels to be back in the saddle! Check your sign below to see how best to use this energy in the coming week.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were aligned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at randomnessofrudy@gmail.com.

Aries: The mundane doesn’t excite you much Aries, but handling your day-to-day affairs will be necessary in order to see the big picture. Your health and well being tie into this energy, as well as those routines put in place that allow you to be fully efficient. Professional matters will also be highlighted over the next several days; all the more reason for you to make sure that your ducks are in a row. This week, it will help to remember the saying, “a winning effort begins with preparation.”

Taurus: Your birthday month has been rather eventful as it is every year. But the energy of the Sun in your sign, Taurus, has been enhanced by other astrological events happening above.  You’ve been evolving, both spiritually and mentally, and there is a positive vibration emanating from your soul. You should take some time this week to reflect on how you would like to creatively broaden your horizons, and make the most of all the benevolent energy that is being thrust upon you.

Gemini: There’s been a lot of activity in the personal areas of your life, and you may be feeling emotionally drained as a result. Still, the energy above is asking you to tend to these important issues, and the message continues to resonate over the coming week. As I said in my last horoscope, your birthday is approaching; soon, you will feel back to your old self again. But until then, take this time to work on private matters so that you can fully embrace the social scene next month.

Cancer:  If you thought that life couldn’t be more hectic, you were wrong! This coming week, you may find that people have mistaken you for Wonder Woman (though most Cancers wear this title well!). As a result, you will have to maintain a solid sense of realism, keeping in mind that you can’t be everything to everyone. Before you decide to host that surprise party, consider other ways to contribute. And no, you can’t bring baked goods to the school bazaar; you just did that last week!

Leo: Big things are happening in your world dear Leo and life for you is full of endless possibilities. You’ve been steadily working toward a major life altering goal, and all of your efforts will soon pay off. But in order to reap the benefits of such heighted activity, you will have to streamline your time management skills and keep the ball rolling. If you have to reorganize those daily routines or squeeze in some extra time at the gym, so be it – you will be rewarded for all your sweat and tears.

Virgo: The pace of life has picked up significantly over the past couple of weeks, and your energy levels have been restored. Now you’re free to begin checking off the many tasks on that long list you keep, and this time, you’ll do so with added success. Over the coming week, you will be challenged to creatively go after many new goals, and expand your efforts by thinking outside of the box. This should be a wonderful exercise for you, one that will offer much reward for years to come.

Libra: You are now set to gain a better handling of any resources that you share with others. Close loved ones will most likely feature in this scenario, and the urge to merge may very well prevail. Whether you decide to focus on intimacy between you and a significant other, or provide the financial backing in a new joint venture; the energy at bay will prove to be highly beneficial over the coming week. Just remember not to allow your fears to cause any distractions.

Scorpio: You seem to be genuinely pleased with all the events occurring in your regular day-to-day, most notably with regards to those activities planned with your significant other. This has been a lovely time for you on the social scene, and you may find that communication has increased in some of your closest relationships. Over the coming week, you are set to receive a plethora of invites to casual outings, and you will enjoy the time well spent in the company of those you love.

Sagittarius: Over the coming week, the challenge for you will involve getting your priorities in place and practicing better time management. As always, you have a lot of balls in the air, and without properly organizing your activities, you risk losing out on some major opportunities. Of course, this is all wrapped up in your health and career, too. So you will need to find a happy medium somewhere. Balance in one area of life always leads to balance in the other areas. Focus.

Capricorn:   As an earth sign, you prefer life to move at an easy pace without too many disturbances. Right now, you seem to be fully in your element Capricorn, only taking part in the small simple things that genuinely bring you joy. This can involve time well spent with loved ones and significant others as well as time to branch out and explore your surrounding environment. The coming week is much more of the same; enjoy the extended pick me up!

Aquarius: The past few years have seen you in a bit of haze, Aquarius. You may have felt directionless, as if you were simply going with the motions. The Astrology of 2012 has helped you to come out of this trance like state, and you’ve been super productive over the past couple of weeks with regards to planning your next steps in life. Family and shared resources are highlighted; don’t let any negative past experiences get in the way of your positive future ahead.

Pisces: I know it’s the weekend Pisces, but you are fired up and ready to kick off the coming week with a bang! Brace yourself for increased activities over the next few days. You’ll be spending lots of time with your significant other, as well as with friends old and new. There’s a buzz about that’s keeping you in constant motion, where celebratory events are to be had! Enjoy this busy period, Pisces; it really will be quite pleasurable.

About Astrologer Tracey Rogers

Our resident Astrologer Tracey Rogers has been studying Astrology for over a decade. She is well versed in the roles and functions of the celestial bodies that make up our Solar System, as well as those of the Zodiac signs they represent. With extensive knowledge of Western teachings and practices, Tracey believes that Astrology offers invaluable insight into the depths of one’s character and personality, endowing us with an acute self awareness that leads to practical guidance for everyday living. Tracey conducts a variety of workshops every month, with topics such as ‘Create Your Own Horoscope’ and ‘Dating Right for your AstroType.’ She has also been featured as a guest blogger for The Still Point and sasstrlology.com

A true café astrologer, Tracey is available for personal readings, and is flexible with public meeting locations. She also holds regular practice hours every Saturday at Manifest Joy in Takoma Park, MD. To book a reading in Takoma Park, send an inquiry to tracey@manifest-joy.com.

For more information, visit Tracey’s official website at www.randomnessofrudy.com.

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