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Just because you’re behind bars doesn’t mean your heart is. Inmates need love too. No, seriously. There’s a website called dedicated to displaying the sexiest inmates, looking for love. Even typing this makes me realize that the dating pool has gotten so…well…scarce that we’ve got to expand our horizons.

The prisoners have full profiles that detail who they are, who they’re looking for when they will or hope to be released. As far as I know, prison pen pals was a thing that helped lonely prisoners feel as if someone cared about them and that very well may be still going on, but this site takes it to the next level.

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Internet dating is scary as it is, now they’ve gone and added the possibility of landing a convicted criminal as your new love interest. Hmm.

Here’s five reasons you may want to consider picking up your next date from

1.  One inmate writers, “Over the year of being incarcerated, I’ve come to realize that ‘freedom’ is truly one of the most important things in this world, because without it, we can’t be who or what we really want to be in life. The truth has allowed me to cultivate my mind, and prepare me for what I have lost, which is ‘my freedom’.” One thing’s for sure–your boo will be so glad to be free, they won’t have time to play any games that you normally have to deal with in dating.

2. Most people get a little bored with their loves lives when their significant other is available for them on a daily basis. Depending on your intimate inmate’s release date, seeing them everyday is something you will not really have to deal with.

3. Not everyone in prison gives in to the almost inevitable same sex relationship. For those that stand their “straight” ground, they’re almost desperate for someone of the opposite sex to call their own. The devotion that they will show you will be a breath of fresh air if you’re used to dealing with someone that’s dating you, them and someone else.

4. If you’re the type of lover that needs to know where your boo is nine times out of ten, having an inmate as your significant other is perfect. You always know where they are, unless of course that release date comes sooner rather than later.

5. Skeletons in the closet tend to end a lot of relationships. One thing about your prisoner lover–those skeletons are exposed for you to see and if not, you can always google their record.

Would you find love with an inmate?

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