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Former NBA player Dennis Rodman learned the hard way when a judge tells you to do something, you do it. Dennis Rodman was held in contempt for failure to pay child support for his nine and ten year-old children.

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Rodman was hit with contempt because he failed to make a dent in the astronomical figure of $808, 935 in back child support. Dennis also owes the mother of his children $51, 441 in unpaid spousal support. Because of Rodman’s choice to not pay spousal and child support, he was placed on 3 years probation and was ordered to perform 104 hours of community service. Part of the terms of his probation is he must stay up to date with his child support and spousal support payments.

Dennis Rodman says he hasn’t paid the bill because he is flat broke. Rodman also claims his ex-wife went behind his back and was granted a $50,000 per month child support settlement. Rodman has been fighting the family court judge’s ruling since 2010 to no avail.

The judge definitely doesn’t believe Dennis Rodman is broke, but what about you? Do you think Dennis Rodman is telling the truth about his finances or is he just being lying to keep all his money to himself?


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