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We have another case of police officers brutally beating a Black male. This time it has happened in the city of “Brotherly Love.”

Four Philadelphia police officers are on desk duty, after savagely beating 18-year-old Marcus Warryton last week. The incident took place when Warryton was stopped for allegedly running a stop sign, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports. The violent arrest was captured on cellphone video.

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In the video, two police officers have Warryton pressed against a police vehicle. Warryton seems to be struggling with the two cops in the video. One of them hits Warryton with his hand. Soon after, two other cops come to their aide and began beating Warryton. Several baton shots send Warryton to the ground, but the officers, who were in full control of the situation at this point, continued to beat on the teen.

One of the officers struck the young man in the head so hard that a blood splatter shot on to the ground. “Hey, yo, he’s bleeding,” someone outside of the camera’s view yelled at the officers who still continued their savage beating of the young man who was clearly not resisting at that point.

“You split his f***king head,” the same voice shouted.


Afterward, blood covered the pavement where the young man was being beaten. The beating, which began in the middle of the street, moved toward the street curb, where officers asked Warryton to roll over on his stomach. Warryton was slow to respond.

And for good reason.

How could he have followed those instructions after receiving multiple baton shots to the head? The young man was clearly dazed and unable to react, but the cops continued to beat him anyway for disobeying them. Once the young man was completely on the ground, one of the officers placed his foot on Warryton’s head.

This was clearly a case of police brutality. But Philly’s top cop, who is Black, doesn’t agree.

“I think the video clearly shows he was resisting arrest,” said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Commissioner Ramsey claims he’s reviewed two different cell phone videos of the incident.

“Our officers have the ability and the right to use force to overcome that,” said Commissioner Ramsey. ”The question is always how much is too much.”

If you see the video, it is clear that the officers used too much force. It is disturbing that four officers — FOUR OF THEM — could not come up with non-brutal ways of restraining Warryton.

The police behaved not like professionally trained law enforcement officials, but like animals hellbent on conquering their kill.

In fact, it is surprising that the young man is still alive.

Warryton’s family says he is still in jail on $150,000 bond. He has been also charged with assault, resisting arrest and other offenses. His attorney is trying to get him released.

Warryton’s family say that he was beaten so severely that he has staples in his head. All of this started after a simple traffic stop. Let us hope that none of us are driving in Philadelphia and stopped for a simple traffic violation.

One would need to be wearing a seat belt, as well as a helmet.

But Warryton’s savage beating by cops in Philadelphia is not an isolated incident. As of August of 2011, the U.S. Justice department is reviewing 20 police departments nationwide–the most in U.S. history– for a number of violations, including abuse of power. The Justice Department recently met with New York City officials over complaints that the city’s controversial policing program “stop and frisk” give cops the power to further abuse their power–not stop crime.

Police officers, I am sure, are very aware of accusations of brutality by fellow cops. But they continue to squeeze the trigger and swing the baton at will because they know the “Blue Shield” will always protect them.

But the question we all need to ask ourselves is this: Where is our shield to protect us from the cops?

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