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After a semi-intense first part of the “Basketball Wives” reunion show, we’re back for the second portion. The show opened with Jen in the back room taking a lie detector test leaving host, John Salley, to pick on the other girls. He brought up Royce and Dezmon’s situation and Royce proudly assured the audience that she is not a serial dater and that she and Royce are indeed still together (although she recently tweeted that the two of them had broken up). Then, he discussed Tami and Kesha’s situation again, amd Tami apologized for the manner in which she delivered her message but not the message itself. She told Kesha that she gets no respect from her because she doesn’t stand up for herself in anyway, and Kesha told Tami that she’s just a big bully. We also got another thing straight: Suzie did not go back and tell Tami anything that Kesha said, despite of what we all were led to believe.

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And then it was time for the biggest moment in the show: Ev and Jen’s lie detector results. We had a few comments from Shaunie and Tami on how sad they were to see Jen and Ev’s friendship go down the drain after 14 years. Shaunie asked Jen if she could drop the charges against Nia because Nia could potentially go to jail for up to a year for slapping Jen in the face. Jen seems to not care about Nia or her well being anymore, and wants to go through with the case.

Shaunie explained that she felt horrible and semi responsible for Jen and Ev’s falling out, mainly because she believes that all of this happened because of the show and pleaded for the girls to reconcile their friendship.

Obviously, none of that worked until John Salley read the ladies’ lie detector test results. What we found out was astonishing! Ev admitted that she missed she and Jen’s friendship and Jen admitted that she was jealous of Chad and Ev’s relationship and that she also missed their friendship. When the girls heard that they both missed each other, they couldn’t help but to look at each other and smile. With a little help from John Salley, the girls hugged each other, shared tears and made up, sort of, but it’s a start!

After that positive moment, Shaunie assured us that there will be a season five. Of course there will…

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