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So we got a first look at Robert Griffin III in action as a Redskin via a “Madden 13” demo at the mother of all video game expos E3. EA Sports featured the first two picks of this year’s draft #2 pick RGIII and Colts #1 pick Andrew Luck going head-to-head. There’s no telling how much the much hyped video game will reflect the real Skins but it’s an entertaining alternative until the season comes around. Even then Madden doesn’t drop until August 28th so the wait gap doesn’t matter much.

According to our pals at NBC Washington, the Washington Football Team QB corps is all rated below 80 in Madden 13.

Check out the ratings breakdown below:

Robert Griffin III: 77 (for now)

Rex Grossman: 71

Kirk Cousins: 69.

Check out the video below. 

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