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Chris Brown dates Rihanna. They go through an ugly break up. Rihanna dates Drake. Rihanna plays Drake and Breaks his heart. Rumors surface that Meek Mill is dating Rihanna. Meek denies it. Two twitter feuds and club fight later and we’re wondering what’s up with these three?

This looks like a celebrity love triangle. But in this case, Rihanna is the triangle and these three are at the corners pulling profusely (Meek Mill more so tugging but we’ll see how long that lasts.)

There are a few things that led to Chris and Drake’s scuffle last night. Two weeks ago, Meek got on a track with Chris but when Chris found out Meek was partying with Rihanna (whom Meek denies dating because he “has a girl at home”), Chris took him off the song. Meek Mill took to twitter to respond. Meek tweeted, “U took me off ya song cause she let me watch da throne! #dreamsandnightmares,”  but he deleted it shortly after. Drake jumped in with a couple of tweets saying, “Oh that’s yur ho? That’s our ho too. Lol.” And of course Rihanna ate all of the attention up tweeting, “The best part is that EYE get to choose.”

Fast forward to last night, Drake and Meek Mill were partying at a club in New York when Chris Brown sent Drake a bottle as a peace offering over the Rihanna drama. Drake sent the bottle back with a note that read, “I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it.” That’s when Chris confronted Drake about the situation. A bottle was thrown along with several twitter hissy fits.

Of course MMG rapper Meek Mill helped instigate the fight and tweeted this morning, “It wasn’t me…. (shaggy voice) lol.” Meek, however, insisted that he was not in the feud during a twitter debate with Roscoe dash earlier.

So what does all of this mean for RiRi? It seems like she’s loving every minute of it. She’s sitting back and laughing at the R&B singer and the Young Money rapper that seem to love her so much. (Karruche doesn’t get this kind of attention.)

This probably isn’t the last we’ll see of this drama. Lesson learned today? Don’t “bottle up” your emotions; handle them like an adult.

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