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Bath salts aren’t the only thing that we have to worry about. The zombie apocalypse has spread to China as a drunken bus driver attacked a woman last Tuesday afternoon.

According to Daily News, the intoxicated bus driver gnawed on the female driver’s face after blocking her car on a road in eastern China.

A man identified as “Dong” ran into a road near a bus station at around 2 p.m. and jumped in front of a woman’s car, the Shanghai Daily’s website reported police saying.

The man then hopped on the hood and starting pounding on the woman’s windshield, the report said.

When the woman, identified as “Du,” got out of the car, the man tackled her and began chewing on her face.

Though others around tried to stop the attack, the deranged man was too strong and overpowered them. He is currently detained. Du is alive but will need plastic surgery.


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