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Perhaps you’ve noticed, but there’s a distinct difference between the women who make up the cast of Hollywood Exes with those on the other female-focused reality showsThe key difference has been mentioned numerous times on social media, but now someone from the actual cast is stating the obvious.

Speaking with The Loop 21, Nicole Murphy was asked about how her show compares to Basketball Wives and well…she responded.

Loop 21: What is unique about “Hollywood Exes”? You know people are going to try to compare it shows like “Basketball Wives.”

Murphy: I would say first of all, we were all really married [laughs]. So, that’s number one. Then the second one is, it’s more positive and encouraging. It’s sexy — kinda like a “Sex and the City” type of thing. It’s really smooth. It’s fun. There’s a lot of laughter.

That was very efficient use of subtle shade, Nicole. You are a gem indeed. However, which show do most fans prefer? I’ll let y’all chime in on that.

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Nicole Murphy Talks Differences Between “Hollywood Exes” And “Basketball Wives”  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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