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A 73-year-old Italian theater director, Antonio Calenda, has accused a hot 27-year-old dancer, Natasha Diamond Walker (pictured), of being a gold digger and hoodwinking him into buying her a $775,000 Upper West Side condo–and then kicking him to the curb.

The New York Daily News reports that Calenda alleges that Diamond-Walker pretended to have affection for him and tricked him into buying her the luxury condo.

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“She manipulated our client and took advantage of him to finance her purchase of a luxury Manhattan apartment,” said Calenda’s lawyer, Marc Fitapelli. “She never had any intentions to repay our client and she abruptly severed their relationship as soon as she got what she wanted.”

The pair met last met last February when in Italy when they worked on “Cercando Picasso (Looking for Picasso),” according to colleagues. From there began a ten-month romance that reportedly included Calenda showing her with expensive gifts.

The New York Post has a breakdown of how the Calenda gave Diamond-Walker the funds to buy the condo.

She “manipulated [Calenda] into buying her lavish gifts during the course of their relationship,” the suit says.

In May — only three months after they started dating — she asked for “financial assistance” so she could buy an apartment she wanted near Lincoln Center, the filing says.

Calenda agreed to lend her $775,000, but “insisted that [she] enter into a written agreement to repay the money,” the suit says.

It adds that he wanted the agreement to show “the fact that, not withstanding their romantic relationship and prior gifts stemming from such relationships,” the money “was a loan, and not a gift.”

It was still a sweetheart deal — giving Fordham graduate Diamond-Walker until Dec. 31, 2018 “to repay the money without any interest.”

Diamond-Walker closed on the $770,000 apartment last September. Then she dumped Calenda, claiming she’d never pay him back because “she viewed the entire transaction as a ‘gift,’ ” the filing says.

Various media outlets have been unable to reach Diamond-Walker. The New York Post reports that she is in Colorado traveling with the Martha Graham company.
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