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Jay Z has decided to bring in his 43rd birthday…by releasing the documentary about his Barclay’s performance

Remember Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle…well last week he suffered a mini-stroke…but they have no idea why

It’s good to know Allen Iverson’s priorities are in order…supposedly his monthly expenses are about $300k…but he doesn’t really have a job…and still pushes a Maybach…makes total financial sense

Jamie Foxx just nabbed the role of the evil villain Electro in the ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Oprah has been dethroned…she can no longer be called the Richest Black Woman…a Nigerian woman has her beat…and she is worth $600M…by being a fashion designed and an oil tycoon…must be nice

Yesterday I told you about the Forrest…Target employee that got slapped by Katt Williams…who coincidentally has announced he’s retiring from stand up…well it seems that Forrest had been given the pink slip…they swear it has nothing to do with the incident…although rumor is they think he was the one that leaked the footage

No wonder Kim from the A-T-L Housewives is about to get a spinoff show…her ex husband/convicted child molester…is about to get out of jail this February

Talk about back pedaling…yesterday Rob Kardashian basically came out and said he was talking about Rita Ora…as the chick that cheated on him 20 times…now of course he’s saying he never mentioned anyone by name…cuz he would never do that…and it’s the media that assumed who he was talking about

Speaking of the Kardashians… Kimmmy might not be to Salt Lake City that my precious Reggie Bush put a ring on his new preggers boo…cuz it’s only 2 carats…where they do that at

Chris has been rolling…not 1…not 2…but 3 phatty’s at the same damn time…while out in Amsterdam…than posted on Instagram…that it’s medicinal

I’m not sure whe meant it this way…but Rihanna has compared her relationship with Breezy…

If you recall…Kelis made history…when she took Nas for child support and got like $50K a month…so why are rumors floating now that he’s not Knight’s daddy…instead it could be some big dude now dating a former Destiny’s Child member

I’m Deja Perez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”

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