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Last week’s devastating events in Newtown, Connecticut, still has the country in mourning, and trying to figure out how to make the country safer.  It was no surprise that when an alleged threat at a local Maryland High School was made, action was taken.

Yesterday at Laurel High School, in Laurel, Maryland, allegedly a student made threats towards other students.  Prince George’s County School Officials are now investigating the comments made, and also the student who made them.

The students that heard the alleged threat told a teacher, who then reported to the school’s security, who then reported it to the police.  Once all the right actions were taken, the student was taken into a hospital, where they are receiving a psychiatric evaluation.

City of Laurel spokesperson, Pete Piringer, says that investigators found evidence in the students locker.  Saying that there were “charts, diagrams, and lists” that were found.  Piringer did not go into detail as to what was on the found papers.

Prince George’s County school officials say they are cooperating with police, taking the situation seriously and will be sending a letter home with students after classes today.



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