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 I knew this was going to happen, it only adds to the story.

Bossip sat down with a Legal Expert to go over the legal possibilities from the studio brawl between Sir Ocean & Sir Brown. 

Interesting “legal” insight but ultimately probably “bulls****” 



Could Breezy be facing some serious slammer time following his fade with Frank Ocean?

BOSSIP spoke with a legal expert who says Chris Brown could be looking at a whole lotta time!

“It is my understanding that there have been reports that the altercation between Mr. Chris Brown and Mr. Frank Ocean involved more nefarious issues than a parking space,” Atlanta based lawyer Kevin T. Connor told BOSSIP. “Specifically, it has been suggested that the incident was motivated and fueled by Mr. Brown’s anti-gay sentiments. If it could be established that, indeed, the brawl was motivated by the actual or perceived sexual orientation of the victim, it could be prosecuted as a hate crime in the State of California and/or under federal law.”

Here’s the definition of a hate crime:

Generally speaking, a “hate crime” is one where the accused uses force or threatens the use of force to injure, intimidate, or interfere with another’s exercise of constitutional rights if motivated by the actual or perceived membership in a protected class, including race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. The litmus test is the motivation of the aggressor, which may be established by the nature of the accused’s prior statements and conduct, including through those exhibited through social media.

In other words — Breezy’s past comments, on Twitter and offline can be used to establish a hate crime motivation. What’s worse is that the fight happened in California which happens to be the first state to pass legislation specific to hate crimes.

Connor also says that even if the L.A. County prosecutor chooses not to pursue the case, he could still face a civil lawsuit.

“The commission of a hate crime might also expose Mr. Brown to civil liability,” Connor added when discussing the case with BOSSIP. “In such a case, the circumstances do not require the violence be extreme or motivated by hate, or even that the acts constitute a crime.”

And if you’re wondering what a criminal charge would mean for Breezy, let’s just say if he does end up in a criminal court, he might as well cancel any tour plans:

“Prosecution under a hate crime statute provides for an enhanced punishment beyond the normal maximum sentence for the underlying crime,” Connor told BOSSIP. “In California, for example, should Mr. Brown be charged and convicted of felony assault in this case, his 2-4 year sentence could be enhanced (increased) under the hate crime statute by another 1-4 years, depending upon whether he is found to have acted in concert with others. Additionally, because Mr. Brown is on probation for his previous assault on Rihanna, he is subject to having the balance of his probation revoked, which is to say that he could go to jail for the remainder of his probationary period in addition to any new sentence.”

Connor added that while it’s unlikely, it is possible that the case could be certified by the US Attorney General. In that event, Mr. Brown may also be subject to Federal prosecution under the Civil Rights Act of 1968. 18 USC Section 245.

In other words messing with Frankie can get you federal charges!!!

Hit the flip for more details on the fight from witnesses at the scene.

What do you think? I personally believe that the whole thing is “malarky” & I need to see some surveillance video. 



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