Well it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or my favorite “In Living Color” character…The Head Detective to solve this buffoonery of a case! According to reports the man who allegedly supplied Ray Lewis with the infamous “deer-antler” spray can not definitely say whether or not the All-Pro and future Hall of Fame inductee used the spray. Hmm…just as everyone with a bit of common sense expected this some ol’ BS!! Mitch Ross, the accuser and the spray peddler held a press conference down in New Orleans to only further push his SWAT company, but didn’t give any further details on whether or not he saw Ray use the so-called “Rudolph Elixir.”

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It’s funny how people always have hidden agendas and use other folks moments of glory to bring them down in order to bring themselves up. Well from this exuberant Ravens fans I have to quote the now famous Ms. Georgia Brown, “We ain’t got no time for that!!!” It’s time for the Ravens and Ray to do what they do best on Sunday and that’s win, baby win!!!


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