Ray Lewis

For whatever reason, Ray Lewis made an observation on the troubles of Odell Beckham Jr. and equated the football star’s troubles with the assumption OBJ has a lost his connection with God. Considering Lewis has a questionable past of his own, folks on Twitter gave the former Baltimore Ravens great the business to the point […]

Things got a little Heated during a debate yesterday, When Ray Lewis Joined Skip & Shannon and weighed in on the possibility of Colin Kaepernick Joining the Baltimore Ravens.

Sources say a warrant for his arrest was issued on Monday

On Thursday's edition of NewsOne Now, Tamika Mallory from the NY Justice League and Melina Abdullah, PhD, Professor at Cal State LA and Black Lives Matter movement member, responded to Lewis' remarks.

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for their win against the San Francisco 49ers! In a game that was mirrored in fast points, Beyonce and a DC quasi-reunion to a power outage. The city of New Orleans and millions of fans across the world were treated to a great game by two well-deserving teams. The Ravens […]

Well it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or my favorite “In Living Color” character…The Head Detective to solve this buffoonery of a case! According to reports the man who allegedly supplied Ray Lewis with the infamous “deer-antler” spray can not definitely say whether or not the All-Pro and future Hall of Fame inductee used the spray. Hmm…just as everyone with a bit […]

Last week, after linebacker Ray Lewis‘ (pictured) team won the AFC Championship over the New England Patriots, wide receiver Wes Welker‘s wife, Anna Burns Welker (both…

It’s a done deal the Baltimore Ravens are going to New Orleans to play in Super Bowl XLVII to represent the AFC. In a season that has had a lot of up’s and down’s and a mission for Ray Lewis, this has been a season of destiny. Joe Flacco once again out shined the great […]

  Via: ESPN SportsCenter Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said Wednesday he plans to retire as the end of this season. He told the team Wednesday that, “this is…

January generally marks the start of so many things. It’s the first month of the new year, and usually is the time where many people make promises that they have no real intention of keeping over the next 12 months. While outside it’s becoming more frigid, such is not the case in the world of […]

BALTIMORE- Star Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis told ESPN that an NFL lockout will lead to an increase in crime because of the free time…