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Shots fired…!?!

At a impromptu show in London, Kanye West had another one of his infamous rants.  It was after his performance of his verse in ‘Clique’, that he did a freestyle which had some shots for his closest friends Jay-Z and Beyonce’.  I am just as shocked as you are, but this is true.

Kanye wants someone to “Remind me why we in this sh*t…”, a line that he repeated continuously in his freestlye.  Now, Kanye has always been an artist to speak his mind, but did he go too far this time!?  In the freestyle, he said, “I ain’t f**kin’ with that ‘Suit And Tie…”.  This line was definitely a shot at his “Watch The Throne” mate, Jay-Z.  He also went on with subliminal shots about Beyonce’, and her Pepsi deal.  West also took shots at the Grammy’s and the corporate world.

Although it was a freestlye, should these comments be taken seriously!?  Watch the rant below, and hit me on Twitter (@REDalert__) with your thoughts.




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