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French magazine, Numéro has a spread entitled ‘African Queen’ for their March issue.  The problem isn’t with the magazine’s choice of spread title, the problem comes when the magazine decided to use a Caucasian model, in black face for the spread.  With the world of modeling having models of all races, one would think that the magazine would book an African, or at least an African American model for the job.

For the ‘African Queen’ spread, Numéro painted the face of 16 year old model, Ondria Hardin.  Numéro went as far to paint Hardin’s entire body for the spread.  In the spread, the model is dressed in fashions that would symbolize that of an African Queen.  Toronto Sun reports :

” In 2010 the mag published photos featuring white model Constance Jablonski also with darkened skin, wearing a series of afro wigs and posing with a black baby.”

Below is the photo of model Constance Jablonski


I am highly disturbed, and insulted as a woman of color.  The fact that the magazine, creative director of the shoot, and whoever else was involved, took the time out to darken the skin of this model instead of hiring a model to fit the spreads title, is a thought that I cannot begin to fathom.  I do understand that there are Caucasians who are from Africa, however, those Caucasians do not darken their skin to “fit in”.

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