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Beyonce and Salma Hayek…have joined forces as part of a new Gucci global campaign for female empowerment…called Chime For Change…they are putting together 10 short films featuring inspirational women’s stories.

Morris Chestnut and Halle Berry are a hot new item…well at least they are going to star together in a new suspense movie called “The Call” with Halle Berry.

Speaking of new couples…I really like Megan Good and her hubby Devon Franklin…the happy couple teamed up with Walmart as part of the “Black Love and Relationships” panel at Morehouse College…where they shared the secrets to finding love and a happy marriage

So Ne-Yo has confessed…he was married 11 years ago…but then a few months later they had the marriage annaulled…cuz she didn’t believe in his music career…wonder how she feels about him now…womp, womp

Not sure how I feel about Rohan Marley…now accepting fault for the end of his 10 year relationship with Lauryn Hill and claiming that the incident left him heartbroken…I think it might be that he is in his feelings that the engagement to his Brazilian model is over…I’m just saying

Ok so you remember I told you that Fantasia was pissed that JET magazine printed old photos of her…and she demanded a public apology…well they didn’t actually apologize…they just said the photos were no bueno so they used the old ones…but here’s where things go to the left…cuz JET’s Editor in Chief decided to post her rant on Facebook about how she had to take an hour out of her day to write up a press release for someone who can’t even read…than #whyiwannaBahousewife”…which of course led to yet another apology

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