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Nope! Not that kind of let it go! Chris Brown and Meek Mill let go of the beef that’s been between them since that fateful night in NYC when Breezy and Drizzy lost their ever loving minds! According to TMZ there isn’t much a stripper or two can’t fix, as the two made up over the weekend at a shake em up spot in Charlotte, NC called Cameo Nightclub.

TMZ reports that the two haven’t been spotted out together since that night at the W.I.P. nightclub in NYC last summer. And even though reports claimed that Meek had a lot to do with the fight jumping off, he denied those claims. At any rate it’s nice to hear they are behaving like young gentlemen, well as much as young men can behave like gentlemen at a strip club!

Will Brown and Drake make up next? Stay tuned!


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