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Save the date…the weekend of September 13th…Lebron James and Savannah will be jumping the broom

Sony is suing a Sweedish guy for $233k…for allegedly leaking Beyonce’s ‘4’ album…on-line…before the album was released

Nicki Minaj is barely wearing clothes in French Montana’s video for “Freaks”

Kim Kardashian was in tears on the plane ride back from Paris…she was having severe stomach pains…and feared the worse…luckily her doctor said it was just stress and she needed to take it easy…and no signs that it was a miscarriage about to happen

Today is the day of leaking neked photos…Lil Romeo is showing full frontal

So Rich Dollaz attorney swears up and down that the neked photos of him and his little man parts weren’t really him…too bad you can totally see his face…holding the phone…taking the photo…womp, womp

Not sure how true this one is…but supposedly Chris got into it with his body guard Big Pat while on the plane to Bermuda…that Chris flew into another violent rage…Pat tried to restrain him till the plane landed…they went thru customs…and Pat was like…I’m not getting back on that plane…so Chris and everybody took off…while Big Pat caught the next Jet Blue flight to JFK

Chris Breezy got into it with a parking valet…outside a charity event…when he found out that he was charged $10 instead of $5…and of course some one caught it on tape…Breezy yelling…we gonna turn this whole spot up…we’ll get violent if you don’t hand over the keys…eventually someone handed him $10 and Chris got his keys

Than after that ordeal…Chris drove to Emerson Theatre in Hollywood…got the mic from the DJ while Drizzy’s “Started from the bottom song came on…so Chris supposedly says: “The DJ can play this ish, but I want you all to know, F–k Drake!” and gave everyone the middle finger…and basically turned it into a mini concert…with my precious Reggie Bush on stage as his hype man

I’m @dejaperez and that’s “What’s Poppin!”