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This must be the season of coming out! Whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, it is happening! While Frank Ocean’s and Clive Davis “coming out” may have been voluntary, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook.

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A source, who was Westbrook’s “beard” has allegedly told the site that Westbrook’s boyfriend lives in Oklahoma City and travels with the team during the away games.

“I don’t know Russell’s boyfriend’s name, but they’re always together.

When we all stayed at the Four Seasons, his boyfriend’s room was on the same floor as his. My room was on a separate floor.

Russell used me as a beard, and part of my job was to get him and his boy Molly pills.”

Whatever his sexuality may be, it definitely wasn’t her place to put it out there. Sounds to me she was just being salty! Not to mention, she must not have been the “beard” for too long if she don’t know his name.

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