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If you ever want a good laugh, all you have to do is sit back and watch your timeline on Twitter. At one time or another throughout the day, you are bound to see some artist pop shots at each other, throw a little shade, if not both.

While most of the world has moved on from the Lil Kim photoshop incident, it seems that some folks are still talking and tweeting about it. Case and point-Wendy Williams. Not too long ago, Wendy Williams account tweeted:

Wendy dishes on @LilKim’s dramatic new look & reveals who she wants to fill @JoyVBehar’s shoes on @theviewtv. VIDEO: http://www.wendyshow.com/hot-topics/

Oops! Well either Lil Kim or someone from her team seen the tweet, and that brought out The Queen Bee’s sting! Check out Lil Kim going off on Wendy Williams! Well, to be honest….. her promo….. Twitter….account!


Lil Kim Twitter rant to Wendy Williams:

Apparently, Lil Kim must hasn’t been keeping up with Wendy Williams! Wendy had her back when she originally talked about it on her show.

Poor Kimmy! She’s worried about the wrong things. Just focus on your music Queen Bee. Sting us with that, and not these rants! I will say this…Wendy Williams will definitely give Lil Kim a good read. Wendy ain’t that far removed from her radio days. She wasn’t crowned ‘The Queen Of Radio’ or didn’t have artist wanting to put her on a T-shirt for nothing. Let’s see where this will go. WW may even take the high road.


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