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CLOSE is reporting that rapper Soulja Boy is in trouble with his fans and critics a like for some pictures that he decided to post on his Instagram. The pictures show him with a bunch of chicken wings, big bags of weed and lot’s of cough syrup! We’re not talking about the flu pics that lot’s of people have been posting over the winter months with Vick’s Vaporub and Nyquil. These are the type of pictures  that are celebrating the Codeine found in prescription strength cough medicine.

The pictures have been removed from his Instagram, but the point has been made, and people are not feeling the way that he made it. After the last few weeks with the the roller coaster of emotions that fans went on with Lil Wayne and the rumors surrounding why he was admitted to the hospital, people are shocked that Soulja Boy would think it was cool to post such pictures in the first place.

Soulja Boy has reportedly been less than thrilled about the public hit that his image has taken over the last few years. It would probably be a good thing if he looked upon this event and understood that it’s things like this that make people roll their eyes at and about him. His YouTube days are over, so maybe it’s time for the boy to become and behave like a grown man.

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