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Baby mama drama seems to never get old.  Every time you turn around, another problem arises.  This seems to be the present situation for rapper Future, as his baby mama wants to take him back to court!

Jessica Smith, who is the mother to Future’s 10 year old son, feels that the rapper is lying about his income. According to the lovely folks at TMZ, Future claimed to make around 16, 516 per month.  Because of his claim,  he pays $1,662 for child support.  Everything must have been peachy keen with the payments, until Future made a comment about always having $25,000 on him; this was not a smart idea.

Jessica Smith feels that Future makes more than he claims, and with the alleged comment he made, her intuition may be right.  Looks like Future might have to cough up more money if he is making more, which is only right when it comes to the regards of the child.



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