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According to AllHipHop.com‘s Illseed, yes! Illseed is reporting that apparently the Love And Hip Hop New York couple is apparently deciding not to return to the show for the next season. While it may only be that the couple could just be holding out for a few more dollars, given Consequence’s position in the music industry, that really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

There was no mention as to if it was because of all the backlash Cons was getting for some of the moves he made during this season or not. But it was clear that by the time the season wrapped, between what some deemed controlling behavior in his relationship, his controversial lyric choices slighting darker skinned black and brown women, and his now infamous sucker punch of Joe Budden, that there may have been second thoughts about the show being good for his image. And with the musical talent that flows through his veins, it doesn’t seem like he would need to do the show anyway. (Young folks look up his catalogue of work, he’s been hustling hard in Hip Hop a lot longer than many of you might think.)

On a similar note, Jen’s reputation does not leave the season unscathed either, as her comment about getting a job before Raqi because she was white, was like the cry heard round the world to brown and black women once the episode aired. There was really no taking it back or back peddling of any sort after it was out there. And regardless of what she meant, it’s how it was taken that may have mattered the most in the end.

One thing everyone should be able to agree on, the couple have one of the cutest kids on TV! Hopefully they will be able to find something that they like better, and be able to focus on being a family and enjoying that adorable little boy of theirs. Best wishes to them.


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