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Tyga is definitely in luv with a stripper. Well, actually an ex-stripper now. Not only did Tyga take Blac Chyna off the poll (respectively speaking) and knocked her up, but word on the curb is that the Young Money rapper could be waiting for her pretty soon at the end of an aisle.

blac chyna and tyga

Word on the curb is that Blac Chyna and Tyga are set to be married on May 11th, according to a “source” close to the rapper. What makes May 11th so special is that it’s her 25th Birthday.

In a recent interview, Tyga had this to say about the ex-stripper:

“I don’t know man….we just really became cool you know and when your vibing with a person, you know, you could fall in love with anybody if you with them for a long time. She was just young and she was just hustling and She wasn’t really tripping about a dude taking care of her, Like when i first met her, I didn’t get to hang out with her for the first couple of months because she was always like Im doing this, I got a photoshoot here, Im busy, yeah she was too busy for me. Yeah when I first met her it was hard to see her, you know and I was on the Chris Brown Tour at the time, so yeah it was hard. I think the first time I chilled with her we just hung out for like three weeks straight and I was like ight thats it, you know. I think it’s better for a girl to decide what she wanna do, let her wild out, and do her and then you know see what she wanna be, instead of just getting like a good girl, because I’ve done that before, Like try to get the college chick, bring her around, bring her around all these rappers, and they get to wilding out.”

And they said you couldn’t turn a …nevermind! It’s Sunday and I’ll keep it holy! I’m not sure how sold I am on this wedding though. Hell, I didn’t think they would be going this serious. I guess we will have to wait and see. Congrats!


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