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Hey Kobe’s mom wasn’t shooting jumpers in the gym! Oh, wait that probably doesn’t apply here huh? Alright well we digress, but now it makes sense. As we previously reported Kobe Bryant and his mother are involved in a court battle over his career memorabilia. His mother had taken some very cherished items to an auction house to sell and received an advance of $450,000.00 . This was upsetting to Kobe. These items included his high school varsity letters, his high school uniforms and his 1998 All-Star ring.

Well, according to TMZ, it’s even deeper than that. (Which we figured it would be when we first reported it!)

Apparently, Kobe Bryant offered to buy his parents a crib in Vegas. However, the type of place he had in mind, while nice, was less than a million dollars. Allegedly, his parents didn’t feel it was luxurious enough for them, and wanted Kobe to get them a bigger more expensive house with more perks in it.

Kobe, apparently is tired of being a human ATM machine, so he stuck to his guns and refused to buy his parents a bigger house. That was when his mother decided to sell his memorabilia to an auction house. The money she was planning to receive from the sale of Kobe’s precious memories, was going toward the extra money needed for the bigger house that Kobe refused to pay for!

Wow, is Kobe a son or a bank? Kobe has given his parents a whole lot of money over the years and at this point, he’s a grown man with a few children of his own.  At what point have his parents been repaid for his upbringing? There are plenty of kids who go off in to the world and work at Target or McDonalds for a living, are they supposed to use that money to pay for every whim their parents have as well?

Regardless of what you think about Kobe’s ball playing or the cockiness he can sometimes display, this is something that any child or parent should be able to empathize with him on. Stick to your principle’s Kobe, this is a showdown we hope you win.


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