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C’mon, guys. How many times can I say this? It is 2013. We should never have to go these kinds of things in this day and age. A New York tour company caught some necessary backlash for their “ghetto tours” of the Bronx.

A tour would occur three times a week, showing around Europeans and Australians mostly, and for $45 a pop, they would be take around the perils that is the Bronx, according to the NY Post.

The tours were led by one Lynn Battaglia, originally from Pittsburgh. According to the Post, one of the tour’s lowpoints was St. Mary’s Park, where she told the group, “If it were 1980 and you said to me, ‘Lynn, I want to die.’ My answer would be, ‘You’re in the right neighborhood.’” And she warned that the park was still scary and dangerous, crawling with pickpockets and con artists who would rip you off—which is why you need to pay Battaglia $45 to teach you street smarts!

As she spoke, a line of two dozen poor people — including one man visibly agitated by the onlookers — waited for handouts from the church pantry.

“I don’t know what that line’s about, but every Wednesday we see it,” Battaglia told the tourists. “We see them go in with empty carts, and we see them come out with carts full.”

The tour company have stopped their tours and since taken down their website due to the backlash from local politicians.

I insert the below video not to say the people of the Bronx are bums, but to show that all of the residents living in that city are humans.  Did you know that in the 2010 Census, the Bronx was declared the poorest county in America? It’s not some rural country; it’s the Bronx — a borough of one of the richest cities in the world. What if someone came to your city, your block, your home to show how much your life was in shambles?

I’m glad their tours were stopped, but who knows what there is to come in the future.

How do you feel about the tour?

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New York Company Stops “Ghetto Tours”  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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