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Miami Police have some questions to answer this morning after reports are coming in of a very violent, physical and unnecessary arrest this past weekend. Tremaine McMillan was the subject of what some are calling, an unlawful arrest, in Miami. Authorirites say the arresting officers arrested and choked McMillan after he was reportedly giving some ‘Dehumanizing’ stares.

McMillan apparently gave some evil and dehumanizing stares as well as clinching his fists in a violent manner that apparently startled officers and sent them into melee mode, attacking the ‘suspect’ and choking him. Police Detective Alvaro Zabeleto assured the public that McMillan was acting irate as well as resisting arrest which sent officers into a sort of attack mode.

McMillan is denying all claims saying that he was reacting in any manner that was irate, “How would my fist be balled up and I had the baby bottle inside my right hand, and my puppy inside my left hand when I was feeding him,” said McMillan outside the courthouse Tuesday, May 28.


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