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For the most of us, Tiara Thomas wasn’t a familiar name until Wale released ‘Bad’ which shot up to the top of the charts. During his promotional run, Wale shared the stage with the R&B singer on Jimmy Fallon and other venues across the U.S. Over the past couple of weeks, when Wale performed ‘Bad’, TT was no where to be found. Even as I attended New York’s BIG Summer Jam, there no sign of Tiara Thomas. One could understand that you get busy but for a platform as BIG as Summer Jam, and if Mariah Carey can come out for a performance, Ms. Thomas damn sure could have. When she was M.I.A. from the stage, it made me start to wonder what had happened. After some diligent research, it had been reported that Tiara Thomas had signed with a new label, and was no longer apart of Wale’s Board of Administration.

If you remember a few weeks ago, Wale shared some information on Twitter about being cut out of a deal. At the time, we all were a little lost but now it all makes sense.

Even though Wale helped create a name for Tiara Thomas only to be left in the dark, Wale has no bitter feelings toward her. In a recent interview, Wale shared “I was a causality in the game. The bitter reality just hit me but its all good. Shout out to Tiara Thomas……She just did what she thought was best in her best interest. I guess that’s what all people’s gonna do. Shout out to her and her situation. She talented, she dope so if you wanna support her, you jus’ support her. I’m not gonna throw no shade to her, it jut is what is. I earned. she’ll have a great career.”

Even though Wale doesn’t appear to be bitter, I wonder if the remix to ‘Bad’ featuring Rihanna now has ANYTHING to do with it?

Wale ‘The Gifted’ in stores June 25th.


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