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From The Sound Live:

This Philadelphia man Sean Benschop, is the equipment operator accuses in a Philadelphia building collapse last week. Reports are surfacing this week that Benschop was actually high during the time of the accident where he drove a backhoe tractor into a building which fell onto a convenient store killing 6,  and injured 13 more.  Lawyer, Diane Gray spoke, “This was an accident, but Mr. Benschop is not responsible,” Gray said. “We believe that, in time, the facts will show the he is not responsible.Gray added that Benschop was “completely able” to operate the machine. “He operated it safely, as he always does he did not violate the law in any capacity.”

Benschop is currently facing a single count of risking a catostrophe, 6 counts of involuntary manslaughter, and 13 counts of recklessly endagering another person. He has been arrested 11 times since 1994 already for drug, weapon and theft related offenses. 

Sobriety is key people.


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