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You retire out when you die out.

Jason Kidd probably thought that he wouldn’t see a basketball court again unless leisure.  See, Kidd retired from the sport of basketball just 10 days ago.  He was playing with the New York Knicks when he announced his retirement.  It wasn’t long before Jason Kidd was pulled back into the sport, and named the Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

When interviewed for the Head Coach position, reports say that Kidd wowed the Nets.  Telling the Nets management the direction that he wants to take the team, and what he wants to accomplish.  The Brooklyn Nets have three coaches in less than a year!  The former announcement of Jason Kidd as the Head Coach will be held at the Barclays Center this afternoon.

After being apart of the NBA for 19 years, and the franchise’s leader in scores and steals, Kidd is the perfect guy for the job (in my opinion).  He is a Head Coach who has played against the players his team will go against.  Although Kidd has no coaching experience whatsoever, his motivation and determination makes up for the lack of experience.



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