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On Monday night, at her concert in Montreal, Beyonce‘s perfect blonde tresses were caught in a menacing stage prop.  While whipping her lace-front as she usually does in performances, which was laaaiiid by the way, her once best-friend, turned enemy began to tangle and consume her luxurious locks.

Bey tried to escape, but that stage fan just would not let her go.  One of the stage men quickly unplugged the fan, but she was still caught! It took several of her henchmen to help the star escape from what could have been a terrible fate.  Who knows what kind of hell would have broken loose if Bey’s precious wig would have came off during the ordeal?

However, while caught between these not so glorious blades, Bey continued to sing her little heart out and finished Halo for her adoring fans.  How professional is that?

Beyonce was a good sport about the whole situation and even made fun of herself on her Instagram with a post of the video 

Watch the Video Here:

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