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London fashion site Nr.Producer  sat down with Miguel this week and got Miguel to open up about several aspects of his career that we all want to be nosy about. The article goes into detail with Miguel discussing his love of live music as well as that weird, awkward feeling of being ‘Misunderstood’. He also hints that his next project will be a live music cd, which as you can expect will be pretty dope. He also says that the fame didn’t come easy, citing his struggles with getting his music really heard. 

The singer goes into brief, minor detail about the leg drop of the century at the Billboard Awards. He chose to draw the attention of the media to what he did after the leg drop as far as helping the young lady and making sure that she is doing well. He never really goes into detail as to why he did it, but as you can imagine he is an entertainer and a great performer – It’s part of the routine. 

“I knew when I was young, there were things I could not fathom that would come along with possible success, being in the limelight, pursuing your passion,” Miguel says, “But that goes for anything, whether you want to be a poet, a lion tamer, or dig ditches in Africa.” 



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