Leg Drop

From The Sound Live:  London fashion site Nr.Producer  sat down with Miguel this week and got Miguel to open up about several aspects of his career that we all want to be nosy about. The article goes into detail with Miguel discussing his love of live music as well as that weird, awkward feeling of […]

From The Sound Live: Miguel continues to draw your attention with his actions at the Billboard Awards, the story continues to get deeper. Yesterday, we reported that Miguel was instructed (advised) not to attempt the jump of death from stage to stage. We are now learning that those allegations were in fact false.  “The reports […]

From The Sound Live:  Nearly two weeks after Miguel premiered his wrestling moves to the world at the Billboard Music Awards, the R&B Sensation is still the talk of the world. Details have been surfacing all week about Miguel possibly being sued by the young lady who was leg dropped on live television after she […]

Singer Miguel has been praying to the R&B gods that he doesn’t get hit with a lawsuit following his leg drop heard around the world…