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Good news for metrorail riders!

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is always working to improve the trips of those who decide to commute via metrorail.  Track work is always in effect, but something new that is happening with WMATA is the SmarTrip card!

SmartTrip is a convenient and environment friendly way to ride the metro.  Before the SmarTrip, all metrorail riders used the paper fare card, which the Transit Authority is trying to stray away from.  They have begun to do so, and so have metro riders, but with the news of a reduced SmartTrip card price, transition from paper to plastic may happen faster.

Metro has announced they will be reducing the cost of the SmartTrip to $2.  Right now, riders are charged $10 for a SmarTrip, $5 for the card, and another $5 for fare.  Riders will still be able to purchase fare cards from CVS and Metro Sales Offices for $10; $2 for the card and $8 in fare.

This improvement won’t begin until October 1, but is an improvement that one can look forward to.

-JaLisa Dove


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