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NBA star Point Guard and youth role model, Derrick Rose has been the center of attention as his city is slowly being submerged in a pool of violence. Youth in the disturbed city of Chicago are looking to idols such as Derrick Rose to provide answers to the violence that has plagued their community. He sat down with CNN’s Pedro Pinto and talked about a wide array of topics and the topic that stood out was the topic of gun violence in our nation and his community. 

“If you see people getting famous off YouTube, you think you can be the next person. That creates havoc, but at the same time, it creates different ideas and different subjects, ” says Rose who cites Poverty, Lack of education, drugs, gang violence and other issues that are attributing factors to the Windy City’s painful environment. 

When asked about how he will step in and make a change he responded, ” All I can do is stay positive and know that it’s people watching me, young kids looking up to me and just give them  a reason to go out there and work hard. And know the reason they’re working hard is to help people.” 

Check out the whole interview below. Quite compelling. 


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