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According to Jonathan Cainer:

Your Week Ahead: Is there a number tattooed on your skull? What about that ball and chain on your ankle? Does it have your name engraved on it, alongside the number of years you must serve? I’m just trying to find evidence of your incarceration. It seems to me as if you have put yourself on trial and declared yourself guilty of a crime you did not commit. Now you are punishing yourself. But this week brings opportunity and potential excitement. Look at what is being given to you, not what is being taken from you.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: Some people really are too clever for their own good. They plan for eventualities that are never going to happen. They ask questions that really can’t be answered – and which don’t need to be answered, anyway. They take nothing at face value. They leave nothing to trust. They feel that everything must be anticipated and legislated for. Right now, you may be thinking much more than you need to about a feeling that can’t be fully understood. You are tying yourself up in knots. Be wise enough to realise that fate is on your side.


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