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You know things have really evolved in the hip-hop world when The Wall Street Journal is writing not just about hip-hop but about the culture via DJ crews and Atlanta strip clubs! But it happened and the Coalition DJs are ecstatic about the nod, no doubt.

The article broke down how each member of the Coalition DJs is responsible for spinning five new songs two to three times a night over an eight-week period, working them in between better-known hits. Artists, who pay several thousand dollars per song for the service, get a customized printout of data verifying where and when their song was played.

The article was laced with references to the various record company execs that depend on the coalition to get the word out about their new artists and music and how pivitol they have become to the process in Atlanta.

Terri Fischer, owner of popular Atlanta club Strokers remarked on how ever since one of her veteran DJs, DJ Funky joined the coalition five years ago, business has grown.

Said Ms. Fischer,

“They have a great following, and a lot of entertainers that follow their group.”

The DJs won’t accept just any song. They vet potential clients at their weekly meetings, inviting a handful of artists each week to play their best tracks. They critique the work on the spot and make suggestions, often advising the artists to rework certain sequences or invest in getting a track mixed and mastered by a professional, not “your cousin.” (Now where have we heard THAT before? But we digress!)

On a recent evening a trio called Da Arsonist came in and blasted three songs for the coalition.

After the first track was through playing DJ Nando spoke up and said,

“The hook is kind of muffled. “Hey shawty, let me see?” For a split second I thought you were saying: ‘Hey shawty, H.I.V.! I’m just thinking about the consumer; you might need to get that hook cleaned up.”

This is definitely an article that speaks to the evolution of hip-hop as it is almost unheard of to see such a piece in the Wall Street Journal. If the Coalition DJ’s were not known before in mainstream America, we imagine they are now!


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